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Cider And Perry

Cider and Perry Menu

The New Union has a wide array of Ciders and Perry, from around the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the year we won Westmorland CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year 2019. More recently we were honoured to receive the West Pennines CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year 2019 award. This has now entered us into the top 16 cider pubs across Great Britain with the pub currently being judged for the top 4 places. Cider is something our team are passionate about so if you can’t decide which cider is best for you, please speak to one of the team who will be able to assist.

6% abv and under:  PINT £4.00    HALF £2.00

OVER 6% abv:           PINT £4.50    HALF £2.25


 Tutts Clump Cider

5.5% ABV – Berkshire – UP

Award winning proper cider made by hand in the old-fashioned way using eating and crab apples from West Berkshire. Dry.

 Tutts Clump Jazz

5.5% ABV – Berkshire – UP

Medium dry single variety Kent grown Jazz apple.

 Warf Distillery – Coachbuilder Passion Fruit

6.0% ABV – Buckinghamshire – UP

Medium Sweet. Real juice cider using natural flavourings or extracts.

 Watergull Orchards – Cox

6.6% – Cambridgeshire – NS

Medium sweet single variety – predominantly Queen Cox.

 Watergull Orchards – Grapefruit

6.9% ABV- Cambridgeshire – NS

Dry cider base with grapefruit producing a unique medium dry drink.

 Bollhayes Cider – Vintage

6.0% ABV – Devon

Produced by Alex Hill the founder of cider-making equipment manufacturer Vigo and long-time expert cider maker Sweetened with sucralose. Medium. Traditional Devon cider apples matured in oak.

 Hunt’s Hazy Dazy

4.5% ABV – Devon

Sweet classic handcrafted cloudy – perfect after a day’s work in the fields!

 Venton’s Sweet Maid in Devon

6.0% ABV – Devon – UP

Sweet Maid in Devon is a sweet, crystal clear Normandy style cider.

 Cockeyed Mad Jack

5% ABV – Devon

Dry, Crisp, Still Cider.

 Countryman Cider

6.5% – Devon – UP

Medium smooth mellow slightly tangy real farmhouse scrumpy.

 Dorset Star – Sunset/Supernova

5.5% ABV – Dorset – UP NS

Sweet blended still (Sunset) or sparkling (Supernova – Gold at Bath & West)

 Lawrence’s Cider

6.0% ABV – Dorset – UP

Medium traditional farm pressed cider.

 Dorset Nectar – Old Harry Rocks Dry Cider

6% ABV – Dorset – UP NS

Dry vintage cider celebrating Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

 Dorset Nectar – Top O’ the Hill

5.5% ABV – Dorset – UP NS

Medium Dry Traditional Cider.

 Gwatkin – Foxwhelp

7.5% ABV – Herefordshire – UP

Dry crisp single variety – One of oldest varieties recorded.

 Dudda’s Tun Original Medium Cider

7.5% – Kent – UP

Medium golden cider from blend of Russet, Cox & Bramley apples.

 Bad Boy Cider

6% – Northamptonshire

Dry single variety Dabinett cider – cloudy, golden colour with a nutty taste.

 Heck’s Kingston Black

6.5% – Somerset

The Kingston Black arose in Somerset in the late 19th Century and produces here a cider that is classic in appearance, taste and strength. It is copper coloured, rounded, almost velvety in texture and is full of flavour.

 Chants Singing Cider

7.5% Somerset – NS

Medium cloudy cider from a variety of apples giving full-bodied fruity taste.

 Crossman’s Sweet Farmhouse Cider

6% ABV – Somerset – UP

Dry medium or sweet made with bitter sweet apples.

 Ampleforth Abbey Cider

6.5% – Yorkshire  – UP

Medium dry unique unusual blend without cider apples (bottle sparkling).

 Gwynt Y Draig Happy Daze

4.5% ABV – South Wales

Medium easy to drink cider with a fruity aroma.


Gwynt Y Ddraig – Two Trees Perry

4.5% ABV – Wales

The world-renowned award winning Welsh cider and Perry producer – traditionally made on the farm in South Wales Sweetened with natural sugars.

2015 Champion Perry of Britain fruity with a hint of Honey.

Broadoak Perry

7.5% ABV – Somerset

Brian Blunt has been making real cider for over 25 years – don’t confuse this with any similarly named or branded concentrate – this is the real deal.

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with glorious fresh tasting pear and aroma.

 Oliver’s Classic Perry

6% ABV – Herefordshire – UP

A medium-sweet Perry, straw-bright in colour with spicy rhubarb nose.

Gwatkin Farmhouse Perry

7% ABV – Herefordshire – UP

Set on 5a working farm in Abbey Dore the family own the apple and pear orchards that supply the fruit needed to make 100% juice cider and Perry sweetened by cane sugar and wild yeast fermentation. This Perry is an old fashioned variety, harvested from the few remaining pear orchards.

 Mr Whitehead’s Midnight Special Perry

5% ABV – Hampshire

Cider and Perry created from traditional methods blending apple varieties grown from orchards in the Hampshire Downs. This is a Medium natural pear cider.