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Here at The New Union, we pride ourselves with having one of the best whisky collections, not only in Kendal but also in Cumbria. We currently have over 30 whisky’s including some rare, special releases. Once they are gone, they are gone. If you’re a whisky enthusiast, please keep an eye out for our frequent whisky nights.


Laphroaig Select 40% ABV- £3.50

Punchy medicinal and mineral notes on the nose. Soft and surprisingly light on the palate, with gingery spice, vanilla, sour apple and char backed up by nutmeg, cinnamon and a little dried fruit. Spicy new oak, sour apple and a touch of damp wood. As that fades the traditional medicinal notes appear and linger for a short while

Crabbie 12 Year 43% ABV – £4.00

Malty, citrus and grassy notes on the nose. Full flavour with a hint of orange and sweet honey with a smoky, peppery finish.

Bunnahabhain 18yo 46.3% – £8.00

this 18yo expression of Bunnahabhain is full of dried fruit and toffee rich honey and a finish of light salt of the ocean

Octomore 09.1 59.1% ABV – £10.00               

 Baked earth, peanut shells, charred oak and burnt sugar. Surprisingly light at first with honeyed florals and oily walnut, before layers of smoke and wet grass appear.

Ardbeg AN OA 46.6%.ABV – £5.00

A sweet smoked whisky light creamy flavour with a hint of chocolate with a fruity finish  on the pallet

Smokehead 43.0% ABV – £4.50

Smokehead is a unnamed Islay whisky very rich and earthy with sea salt and very spicy a great whisky from Ian Macleod


Springbank 10yo 46%ABV – £4.00

Oak is a big taste with a small hint of peat cereal on the pallet and a coastal tang on the finish


Highland Park 17 The Darkest 52.9% ABV – £12.50

Cinnamon sticks, pine and ginger, with layers of chocolate-chip cookie dough and fruitcake bringing sweetness. Palate: Plump raisins and roasted coffee beans, with light wisps of heather-y smoke appearing later on. Finish: Mint chocolate ice cream, prunes, almonds and forest floor richness.

Glengoyne 12 43% -£4.00

Nose: Toffee apples, a little acacia honey, nectarine in syrup and spice, supported by toasted barley in the background. Palate: Over-ripe grapes, honeyed with hints of vanilla, coconut milk and oak spice. Light touches of chocolate ice-cream. Finish: Long, oily finish with lingering coffee notes.

Glengoyne Cask Strength 59.1% ABV – £5.00

Nose: Malty, barley-led nose with hints of cracked black peppercorns and pimento. Stewed fruit – particularly apple and pear, and candy floss. Buttery too, with notes of butterscotch and caramel. Palate: Baked apple and pear, doused in honey and baking spices. Intense ground almond notes, and a rich, thick malt core. Finish: Oaky, spiced finish. Cracking barley malt and zesty orange peel on the tail.

Glengoyne 21 43% ABV – £9.00

Nose: Punchy oak, potpourri, cranberries, raspberries, a little malt and figs on the nose. Palate: Richly sherried. Everything is tangy and spiced – molasses, hot apple cider, Christmas pudding with flaming brandy and a touch of cracked black peppercorns. Finish: Ends with Oloroso and sweet malt.

Glengoyne Tea Pot Dram Limited 59.3% ABV – £7.50

Packed with flavour – fresh pineapple, digestive biscuits, rose hip & sherbet on the nose, sweet treacle, cinnamon, marzipan, & cloves on the tongue and a long sweet peppery finish.

Glendronach 18 46% ABV – £7.50

Nose: Lovely and sweet. Fudge, fruit compote and glacier morello cherries. Palate: Remarkable flavours of stewed fruits and all-spice. Aged oloroso and toasted walnut bread combined with chocolate orange. Finish Tremendously complex and long.

Crabbie 8 Year Old 46% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Caramel, raisin and honey-coated peanuts. Palate: Buttered scones, waxy orange peel and a touch of cassia. Finish: Lingering orange oil sweetness.

Aberlour A’Bunadh 59.9% ABV – £5.00

Nose: Clove, white pepper, chocolate raisin and malt loaf. Palate: More malt loaf, though now paired with stewed plum and raw cinnamon. Finish: Christmas spices and a touch of tobacco.

Cadenhead Small Batch Strathmill 24 45.9% ABV -£7.00

Nose: Airy, aromatic citrus peels, lemon gelato, heather and a suggestion of fresh mint. Vanilla, too. Palate: Bit like a cream tea bolstered with black cherry and vanilla: think strawberry jam, toasted scones, and a super creamy mouthfeel. Finish: Medium length and thick like honey. Delicious.

Edradour The Distillery Edition 40% ABV – £4.25

Nose: Medium, great complexity. Thoroughly fruity, sherry, sweetness, alluring vanilla. Palate: Cloying, seductive murkiness. Rum, barley, toasted almonds. Some may find themselves lost in the mêlée, not quite enough method to the madness. Finish: Any confusion is arrested: spiced fruitcake with crème anglaise. Overall: An unusual malt.

Wolfburn Northland 46%ABV – £5.00

this whisky from the most northern distillery on the mainland is full of orchid fruits almonds and rich honey notes


Aultmore Foggie Moss 12 46% ABV – £5.00

A refreshing dram, with plenty of vanilla, honey and citrus, alongside a touch of grassiness.

Gordon & Macphail Glenrothes 8 43% ABV – £4.00

After maturing for 8 years in a combination of refill Sherry hogsheads and refill bourbon barrels, it has developed wonderful fruity notes of ripe banana and grapefruit, with hints of walnut and milk chocolate giving it a warming depth.

Benromach 10 Years Old 43% ABV – £4.50

Nose: Dry, barley, big on malt and oak. Dry pine, fruity. A tad spirity. Sweet spices after a time and a hint of puckering prune from the sherry cask and maple fudge. Palate: Barley, slightly herbal, a little fruit, grassy. Big on malt, ground ginger. Finish: Mouthwateringly bittersweet. Ginger, dry sherry, almost hoppy after a while. Overall: A great whisky, its maturity belies its 10 years of age and the sherry finish has done wonders.

Tamdu Spirit of Enlightenment 40% ABV – £4.50

Nose: Dried orange peel, red wine, pecan and raspberry jam. Palate: Soft red fruit followed by brown sugar and spicy clove. A touch of chocolate-covered Brazil nut. Finish: Crystallised ginger, cacao and juicy blackcurrant.


Glenkinchie Distillers edition 43% ABV – £4.25

Golden barley spiced oak on the nose and custard creams orange and grapes on the pallet with a nice dry finish

Bladnoch Samsara 46.7% ABV – £5.00

This fruity whisky with a taste of fruit compot and sweet wine plumbs and vanilla are all flavours in this complex whisky


Redbrest single pot still Irish Whiskey 40% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Nutty, rich and oily. There are notes of dried peels, ginger, linseed and cut fruits including a touch of melon. Palate: Spicy with great body. Nuts and citrus (peel and juice) with hints of marzipan, dried fruits and a hint of Sherry. You turn it over in your mouth forever. Finish: Long and creamy with custard and spice.


Douglas Lang The Epicurean (Lowland Blend) 46.2% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Fresh barley and zesty lemon top notes, backed up by a whiff of peppery rye bread. Palate: Heavy with vanilla and Victoria sponge cake. Grassy at points. Mint leaf herbaceousness. Finish: Subtly chocolatey on the finish.

Douglas Laing Timorous Beastie (Highlands Blend) 46.8% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Roasted almond, maple syrup, fresh cedar, fudge and sponge cake. Palate: Chewy apricot and butters scones. A hint of mineral-y smoke develops, but never quite comes to the fore. Finish: Elegantly spicy on the finish, with honey and yellow plum lingering.

Douglas Laing Scallywag (Speyside) 46% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Sweetness jumps up like an excited puppy. Icing sugar, sultanas and candied ginger. A few hints of grain here and there, but sweetness steals the show. Palate: The sweetness surprisingly retreats, revealing nutmeg and cereal. Vanilla comes in near the end. Cinnamon too, giving it a prickle of spice.Finish: A pinch of oak spice joins the vanilla and sherry for the finish. Overall: Incredibly pleasant, the Scallywag is an absolute treat in every sense.

Douglas Laing Scallywag 13 Year Old (Speyside) 46% ABV – £4.50

Nose: Steamed berry pudding, ginger and vanilla-rich malt. Palate: Brown sugar, blackberries and chocolate fudge. Finish: Granola bars and milk chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon warmth.

Douglas Laing Rock Oyster (Islands) 46.8% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Wind-swept beaches, coastal peat and a hint of ash, complimented by touches of green fruit. Palate: Yet more sea breeze, with oat cake crumbs, growing spicy notes of cracked black pepper and a deft whiff of peat smoke. Hints of vanilla here and there. Finish: Salinity lasts on the finish along with peppery warmth.

Douglas Laing Big Peat (Isla) 46% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Warm slabs of tangy peat. Hints of chocolate, coffee and cedar with spices, walnuts and almond. A touch of cinnamon with oily smoke. Palate: Simple, easy going, but delicious. Notes of heavy smoke, cut grass, peanut, spices and peat. Finish: Quite abrupt with cut grass, coastal notes and smoke.

The Lakes Distillery Steel Bonnet 46.6% ABV – £5.00

The whisky has creamy, slightly nutty & full bodied flavour. Notes of vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, and hints dried fruit. All held together with a sweet comforting layer of wood smoke.

The Lakes Distillery The One 40% ABV – £3.50

Sweet, spicy notes and a whiff of smoke.

Berry Brother & Rudd Sherry Cask Mature Blended 44.2% ABV – £4.50 

Nose: Blood orange juice, brown sugar and dried fruit lead with a hint of charred pineapple and perhaps some rancio. Palate: Black fruit compote, herbal tea and a little bitter dark chocolate. Seville orange marmalade and fiery cinnamon add depth. Finish: Christmas cake notes remain.

World Whisky’s

Mackmyra 41.4% ABV – £4.00

Nose: Fresh, delicate fruit aromas with vanilla pods. Pine nuts, pine needles, raspberry bushes and mixed peels. Ryvita and Sesame Snaps. Palate: Vanilla cream, custard even and more fruit. Red berries, boiled sweets and rich, warming bourbon. Finish: Spicy oak and apple pie whilst remaining light and nimble. Overall: Tremendous easy-drinking single malt whisky from Sweden.

Hibiki 43% ABV – £6.00

Nose: Red berries, green apple and layers of rich honey. Palate: Melted butter and caramelised dates. A hint of fragrant sandalwood develops into warming, oak-y spice. Finish: Brown sugar, citrus peels, white grape and black pepper.